Select Research Publications and Presentations

Toward a more rigorous understanding of social networking affordances

--To be presented at the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) Conference in East Lansing, MI

Redefining privacy and anonymity through social networking affordances

--To be presented at the 2015 Eastern Communication Association Conference in Philadelphia, PA

--One of four top papers in Media Ecology division

Comparing social media and video game identities

--Presented at the 2013 International Communication Association Conference in London, UK

--Published in Media Environments; B. Vacker, editor and Cognella, publisher

--Published in Telematics and Informatics, 30(1), 2013
--Awarded the Linda Elson Scholar Award for Top Student Paper at the 2012 Media Ecology Association Convention

--Published in Thinking Dead; M. Balaji, editor and Lexington Books, publisher

--Presented at the 2013 National Communication Association Convention in Washington, DC
--Awarded First Place Paper at Temple's Media and Communication Graduate Student Research Forum

--Co-authored with Brooke E. Duffy
--Presented at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association Conference in Atlantic City, NJ.

Facebook avatars: Our constant struggle to level up

--Presented at the 2013 Futures of Visual Anthropology Conference in Philadelphia, PA

--Presented at the 2012 International Society for Presence Research Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Katniss Kardashian: Fame and simulation

--Presented at the Hunger Games Symposium in Philadelphia, PA

Space telescopes and social media: Electronic consciousness extended, overheated, and reversed?

--Presented at McLuhan's Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference in Brussels, Belgium

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